Welcome to the personal site of Declan Byrd

Hi I'm Declan, and this is my permanently in-progress website.

Here you will find my journal which includes a mixture of short notes, Mastodon posts, and longer pieces of writing.

The journal also contains my week notes, in which I try to document what I do each week. There are some common themes such as any basketball games I have played in, any Brighton & Hove Albion football games that I've been to, and my media consumption. The most recent week note is 2024 Week Notes - Week 16.

A keen photographer, I also publish my photos to this website. These include photos that I've taken on my smartphone as well as my DSLR.

Re-discovering the joy of reading books, I log all of the books that I've finished on this website. The last book I finished was Upgrade by Blake Crouch and right now I'm reading Eye of the Sh*t Storm by Jackson Ford.

I enjoy playing single player video games. At the moment I'm playing EA SPORTS™ FC 24 (manager career mode) on the PS5.

If you want to know how this website was put together, everything I use is listed in the colophon.

Recently added to the Journal

  1. 2024 Week Notes - Week 16

    Notes for the 16th week of 2024

  2. 2024 Week Notes - Week 15

    Notes for the 15th week of 2024

  3. 2024 Week Notes - Week 14

    Notes for the 14th week of 2024

  4. 2024 Week Notes - Week 13

    Notes for the 13th week of 2024

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