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An inscription at the end of a book or manuscript usually with facts about its production.


This site was built using Eleventy with Nunjucks templates. It is being hosted on Netlify.

Icons and Logos

The social icons are from Super Tiny Icons and I have modified the colours to match the site theme by using CSS variables for the stroke and fill.

The icon that appears on my photos where there is more than one photo from a particular day is from the Material Design Outline pack in Icons8. I was able to export the icon as an SVG from Icons8 thanks to the subscription available in the GitHub Student Developer Pack which I used while I was at university.

The logo for this site was generated in Profile Pic Maker.

The icons in the journal are from feather icons.


All headings use the Quattrocento font which was downloaded using the google-webfonts-helper.

All other text uses your device's system font.

Fluid Design

The sizing tokens for typography are generated using the fluid type scale generator on The spacing tokens were generated using the fluid space generator on

Data Sources

My Mastodon posts are collected using eleventy-plugin-mastoarchive.

To fetch the book cover and data for each book, node-isbn is used.

The list of tv and film that I've watched recently are sourced from using the API.

The video games I'm currently playing are fetched using the API. I bookmark the game's page on the console's website, which extracts images from and I add a tag for the console that I played the game on.