What I think about when I think about writing a blog post

What exactly is it that I'm trying to share on the world wide web?

I'll just stick my noise cancelling headphones on to help me concentrate while I write this, that way I won't be distracted. If I get this post to under 500 characters that would mean I could just re-write this as a post on Mastodon, finally something that isn't just a link to my latest week notes. I should really use Mastodon more. If I summarise this post to a bullet point it could just go in my next week notes. That might make my week notes look less like a list of content that I've binge watched on various subscription services. Why is there no music coming out of my headphones?

I wonder what other people have written blog posts about. Do I need to add a copyright free image to the top of this post that isn't relevant to the content? If I did I think I'd choose a picture of an Alpaca.

Is this post any good? How am I defining good? I shouldn't set goals for writing on this site, what would I do if I actually met the goal? I still think my writing peaked when I sent my English homework from school to Blue Peter and they sent me back a badge. Why do I need to associate writing with a reward?

Enough overthinking.

I'm struggling to articulate my thoughts because I don't do it enough. It won't improve if I fall into a black hole of self-doubt every time I open my laptop.

I could finish writing this post another day. I could finish it now. Maybe it is already finished?