Week 1

I'd seen the concept of publishing a weekly summary of events and notes online, but like most of my side projects while I entertain the idea but lacked the motivation and time to see them through. The deciding factor in committing to publishing 52 sets of notes is a simple one. I'm rubbish at blogging.

When I made my first iteration of this site, I added a blog section. At the time I thought it would be somewhere that I could add features that were good learning tasks, like adding a search bar. Problem is, I didn't really have any content ready to put in the blog so there was never a need for a search bar. The blog page on this site has since been renamed to the journal as I felt it was a more accurate reflection of what I have been writing.

Mid-way through my final year of university, I started writing in a bullet journal. I was convinced that I'd procrastinate at every available opportunity after the Christmas break and I needed to hold myself to account by writing down what I wanted to achieve on each day. That bullet journal eventually covered everything from finishing university, to my day-to-day activities while the UK was under lockdown for Covid-19. I still write in one now and it also does a great job at giving an overview of what I've done in the last week.

So, my notes from my journal for the first week of 2022:

  • I made the long journey from my bed to my desk (just over 1 meter) to power on my work laptop. Having been on holiday since the 17th December I've had a good break.
  • I was back playing basketball again, having not played since mid-December.
  • I finished reading Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson. An interesting read on how Phil Jackson managed to win repeatedly with different teams and the challenges of motivating players after they'd achieved a first championship.
  • I started reading Warcross by Marie Lu.
  • I went to see West Side Story at the cinema. I don't enjoy musicals. This one was tolerable due to there being conversations that weren't in the form of a song.