2024 Week Notes - Week 19

Monday was a public holiday in the UK, so a shorter work week this week. I treated Monday like an extended Sunday and spent most of the day reading.

On Tuesday, I had a basketball session in the evening. I haven't had a session in a couple of weeks and it showed. I shot the ball badly, but did manage to score a basket early on in the session which boosted my confidence a bit. Due to schools using their sports halls for exams, its unlikely that I will have another session for a while now.

I bought a Garmin smartwatch this week. I previously owned a Fossil gen 5 but the battery life had deteriorated to the point that the watch did not last a full day even with battery saving turned on. That coupled with the inevitable sunsetting of any Android wear applications that I found useful, was enough to make me start looking at a replacement and there was a good deal on the Garmin watch that I had wanted.

One of the features on my new watch is a running coach which creates a training plan and schedules a series of workouts that are tailored to the goal I set - to run 5km in 30 minutes. I had to create an imaginary 5km race to start the training plan (because I'm only competing against myself), and so far this week I have completed two of the scheduled runs.

I was excited to get started with the training plan and got up early to start the the first run which was used to generate a baseline for the pace that my training runs should use. This run would only last 5 minutes but I was advised to run "strong" and walk if required. I ran as fast as I could for 5 minutes and felt awful after. My breathing was erratic, and I didn't have any idea of the pace that I should have ran at. When I play basketball most of the running involved is short controlled sprints with a few seconds of recovery time in-between, and not 5 minutes of continuous running.

I rescheduled the second run in my training plan from Saturday to Friday morning and got up way earlier than I normally would to complete the run before I started work. This run required me to keep within a specific pace which was something I had struggled with previously. It was incredibly useful having messages coming through my headphones that told me I was going to fast or too slow. I felt really good after 30 minutes of running within the pace guidelines and with a rush of adrenaline chose to complete the optional additional 15 minutes at the same pace. In hindsight, I should have stopped after 30 minutes, but the additional 15 minutes meant that I was able to set a new personal best time for completing 5km (35:56).

The northern lights were visible in the UK over the weekend, but I slept through it when it was most visible and missed it.

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