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Funicular Monte Igueldo.

A yellow brick building, that is very symmetrical. The ground floor of the building has three sets of double doors with the middle doors both open. Either side of the outer doors are windows that have green frames. Above each of the doors and windows on the ground floor are window arches which also have green frames. In the middle of this building is a mosiac sign that reads 'Funicular Monte Igueldo'. There are a further two floors above the sign that have 5 windows spaced evenly. The view from the top of Monte Igueldo towards La Concha in San Sebastián. The shell shaped beach has little activity in the water, the sky is overcast but not gloomy, and there is a light fog over the buildings in the distance. The black and white reflection in a piece of metal, of a white male with brown hair holding a camera over their face with their left hand. They are wearing sunglasses and a white Air Jordan t-shirt.