1. Week 20

    Basketball Sussex men's cup final and a side project.

  2. Week 19

    Algae as a power source and ideas about IndieWeb publishing

  3. Week 18

    Two cinema trips, BHAFC run riot and Microformats2.

  4. Week 17

    Toots, an unexpected migration and the final basketball league game of the season.

  5. Week 16

    End sewage pollution protest, my development day and Worthing D&D win the league title.

  6. Week 15

    Mastodon and virtual power plants.

  7. Week 14

    Basketball Sussex Men's cup semi-final, Lego Star Wars and content syndication.

  8. Week 13

    Covid, indieweb and a brag folder.

  9. Week 12

    A quarter-final game in the Basketball Sussex cup and Royal Blood.

  10. Week 11

    Development day, version 2 of this site and assessing interviews.

  11. Week 10

    Two basketball games, how I built the now playing section on the home page and another home defeat for Brighton.

  12. Week 9

    Faster builds, I built a thing and an away win for Worthing D&D.

  13. Week 8

    Sunset photos, tracking my reading and even more sunset photos.

  14. Week 7

    A work in progress, Bruno's birthday and a football game I'd rather forget about.

  15. Week 6

    Started a book, RAW photos and gaming.

  16. Week 5

    Fast websites, React native and FA cup football.

  17. Week 4

    Eleventy 1.0, Humankind and a basketball game.

  18. Week 3

    Cloud gaming, an away day and a trip to the office.

  19. Week 2

    The Eternals, Lancing Ring and a finished book.

  20. Week 1

    I started writing week notes, finished a book and returned to work after the Christmas break.