Week Notes - Week 32

Basketball this week was a struggle again. Our teams are picked based off the order in which everyone scores a free-throw which is normally random enough to generate teams that are able to compete with each other but some weeks this causes "super teams" where the distribution of better players is not particularly even. This week was one of those weeks and my team didn't win many games.

I was at The Amex for Brighton's first home game of the season as they drew 0-0 against Newcastle. A difficult game against a team that has improved significantly but on another day we could have scored a few goals from the chances we created. The only negative from that day being the journey into Brighton on a packed train with no air conditioning, very poor air circulation with no open windows and this resulted in sweat patches on your clothing where the sweat didn't belong to you. That was by far the hottest and most uncomfortable I've ever been on a train.

What has changed on this site:

  • In a headless environment such as the one created when using the lighthouse-cli, errors were being logged to the browser console. I've now made sure that if the Spotify data cannot be loaded, then no errors are logged to the console and the now playing widget isn't rendered. Netlify graph still seems very unstable so this change will also make a difference in the production environment when it is unable to get my last played track from Spotify.

What I've been reading:

  • Two chapters from Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. 50 page chapters feel a chore when I read roughly a page per minute so it was nice that the chapter length started to decrease slightly. As much as I moan about chapter length, I am actually enjoying the storyline.

What I've been watching: