Week Notes - Week 51

With no work this week, I put my work laptop out of sight and I've been enjoying some time off.

A Christmas tradition in our house is to make (a lot of) mini sausage rolls that we can then snack on over the Christmas period. I was in charge of making them this year so I spent a couple of days this week making a mess in the kitchen and eventually making things that resembled mini sausage rolls.

When I wasn't making sausage rolls, I was on the PS5. I finally finished the story mode for Spider-man when I completed all the side missions. I really enjoyed playing and now looking forward to playing the Miles Morales sequel. I started playing Stray too. I'd heard really good things about the game and it's definitely living up to expectations.

On Wednesday, I went to watch Brighton play Charlton Athletic in the Carabao Cup. This was more like a pre-season friendly than a competitive fixture with both sets of fans struggling to create an atmosphere and the lack of quality on the pitch. The highlight of the entertainment seemed to be how Brighton managed to take such poor penalties during the penalty shootout. Normal football has now resumed.

View of the pitch from the upper tier of the west stand at The Valley. The players are lined parallel to the touchline having just walked out the tunnel.
Normal service resumed.

I was a bit late adding these notes, forgetting that Christmas day was the end of the week when I'd normally be writing my notes. I spent Christmas day eating too much and playing board games with Becka and her family. Merry Christmas if you celebrate and if you don't I hope you had a good week regardless.

What has changed on this site:

  • I removed the hover animation on some of the links. These are now underlined so they look like the other internal links on this site.
  • I refactored how the reading page gets the data for each book. Previously, I was using an async shortcode for each page which would get the data about that book. I've moved the data fetching to an 11ty data file that adds the book data to each page.

What I've been reading:

  • I was reading Don't Make Me Think: Revisited by Steve Krug.

What I've been watching: