2023 Week Notes - Week 11

My week started with a basketball game as I played in Worthing D&D White's 86-99 loss against Worthing D&D Black. Having not had a game for the past three weeks, I found it difficult to find a shooting rhythm and missed the two shots that I had.

On Wednesday, I was at The Amex to watch Brighton win 1-0 against Crystal Palace. It was about time that Brighton won in this fixture though it wasn't a great game to watch. It was a really important result that put Brighton closer to the European qualification places and put Palace even closer to the relegation places.

I was at the Brighton Centre on Thursday to see Fatboy Slim. I particularly enjoyed the references to the football score from the previous evening which included Solly March's goal celebration on the big screen and Fatboy Slim waving a Brighton scarf in the air. A really enjoyable evening.

A crowd of people with their hands in the air, in front of a stage on which Fatboy Slim is stood with their arms raised. Above the stage is a disco ball that is reflecting white light. Above the disco ball is a big screen which shows a video feed of the stage and the crowd.
Right Here, Right Now.

I spent some time on the PlayStation this week. Most of the time I was playing career mode in FIFA 23 but I also picked up Assassin's Creed: Odyssey too. In addition to my normal habit of not progressing the main story in favour of completing side missions, I also found a new habit of wandering into areas that contain enemies that are significantly higher levelled than my character and subsequently desynchronising. I've found myself opening the map much more often to make sure I stick to areas that are the same level as my character.

On Sunday, I was back at The Amex to watch Brighton win 5-0 against Grimsby in the FA Cup. This game had the potential to be a really tough game for Brighton and the score at half time probably reflected that. Some really well taken goals meant that Brighton progress to the semi-finals of the FA cup and a game against Manchester United at Wembley stadium in April. Not always easy to comprehend that I would have seen Brighton play at Wembley twice in five years when there were certainly times where it felt like it would never happen in my lifetime.

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