2023 Week Notes - Week 13

On Tuesday, I played in Worthing D&D White's 94-69 win against Angmering GSD. I found it tough to get a touch of the ball in the first half, but didn't have the same problem in the second half and particularly the fourth quarter. I finished the game with 3 points, making the only shot I attempted and I also had quite a few assists.

I discovered this week that Brighton & Hove Albion's website has an undocumented RSS feed. The only things I look to Twitter for is football news, so finding out that the club has an RSS feed means that there is no longer a reliance on social media to get the latest news and opportunity to bring the RSS updates to the Fediverse. I started to register for Mastodon accounts on instances that accept bot accounts which post updates from RSS feeds, but I'm yet to hear back from those instances in regards to whether the account registration has been accepted.

On Saturday, I was at The Amex to watch Brighton draw 3-3 against Brentford. A very entertaining game for neutral fans but no so much for Brighton fans. Defending and attacking corners and free-kicks has been a weakness all season, so it was frustrating to watch Brentford score from two set pieces while Brighton never looked like scoring from the 14 corners they had. To come from behind to draw three times was impressive though and shows that there is real belief amongst the players that they are capable of getting points in every game.

I was still playing Assassin's Creed: Odyssey this week on the PlayStation. I've started to find some of the open world activities a bit repetitive, particularly when some of those locations I've had to return to later in the game and found that the environment had reset. The suggested levels for the main quest have caught up with the level of my character so I haven't been completing the main quest objectives. I started to explore the areas that were lower than my character's level and synchronise as many of the vantage points as possible so I can fast travel to them later in the game.

Becka asked if I had any multiplayer racing games since she often walks past me playing on the PlayStation and wanted to join in. I was surprised at the lack of filters for multiplayer games in the PlayStation store and after doing a (very) quick search I bought Gran Turismo 7. What the game details neglected to mention was that multiplayer is not available at the beginning of the game. A quick search on the internet explained that two player mode is only available once a milestone had been reached in the game's story mode. We ended up taking it in turns with a single controller since it would have taken a lot of time to unlock multiplayer and eventually gave up on the idea of split-screen races. I'm still struggling to understand why two player mode could not have been enabled by default.

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