2023 Week Notes - Week 16

I started the week by playing for Worthing D&D White in a 90-41 win against Worthing D&D Ballers. This was the last game of the season before the playoffs so it was nice to finish with a win. I scored two three-pointers to finish the game with six points, though I didn't feel I shot the ball very well and missed too many attempts. I also had a basketball session on Tuesday which gave me a chance to practice in a slightly less competitive environment. I shot the ball better in that session and felt the benefit of playing for the second time in a week.

I published a new version of eleventy-plugin-mastoarchive this week. Version 0.1.5 adds the shortcode and URL of custom emoji that are included in a post. I opted not to replace the shortcode in the post with an image tag since there is no data that is returned from the Mastodon API that could be used as alt text for the custom emoji. The Mastodon UI handles this by using the shortcode as the alt text, though this is impractical when the shortcode is something like :wave2:.

On Sunday, I was at Wembley to watch Brighton play Manchester United in the FA Cup semi-final. Brighton were incredibly unfortunate to lose on penalties, having given everything over 90 minutes and extra-time. I feel really sorry for Solly March who has had a brilliant season but has been unfortunate enough to miss in two consecutive penalty shootouts.

The view from my seat at Wembley Stadium, which was in the third tier and behind the goal. The big screen behind the goal at the other end of the pitch reads: 'Emirates FA cup Semi-finalists 2023 Brighton & Hove Albion v Manchester United'. On the pitch, Brighton are getting ready to kick-off, playing in blue and white striped shirts and blue shorts. Manchester United are at the other end of the pitch in red shirts and white shorts.
Penalties a cruel end to the game.

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