2023 Week Notes - Week 37

Most of my spare time this week was spent working on my micropub/custom content management application. I say custom content management application because at the moment, that's where I'm focusing my development time. It also gives me a chance to use what I build early on in the process. I decided to re-write the web interface using Preact. Having to encrypt each HTML page with PageCrypt and inline all the CSS, JS and static assets would be time consuming. With Preact, I knew I would be able to integrate a more robust authentication provider in Auth0 and also get progressive web app capabilities out of the box.

By the end of this week I was able to publish notes to my site and then syndicate them to Mastodon, update the book I'm reading, and publish notes for a book that I've finished reading. I felt very smug adding my reading notes and updating the now reading section without having to touch my laptop.

I had one basketball session this week. I thought I played alright and enjoyed myself a bit more compared to previous weeks. I didn't give myself enough time to warm-up properly so I wasn't surprised when there were a couple of aches and pains the next day.

I spent nearly all of Sunday playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider on the PlayStation. I've been completing all of the side missions, so the story hasn't progressed as quickly. There were quite a few jump-scare moments during combat sequences that I wasn't prepared for.

What has changed on this site:

  • I added a new layout that will be used for showing notes created by my custom CMS.
  • I now show where short notes have been syndicated to.
  • Short notes published directly to this site are now displayed the same as Mastodon posts.

What I've been reading:

What I've been watching: