2023 Week Notes - Week 38

I had a good basketball session this week. I made a couple of three-point shots, played well on defence, and got myself open on offence to score some easy baskets. The school whose sports hall we use were having an open evening so I couldn't get there early to get some shots up before the session started and so for the second week running I didn't get much of a warm-up.

I started thinking about how I want to publish these week notes from my content management website. I didn't get as far as writing any code, but my thought process was to use the GitHub API to create a branch that I could keep committing to each time I made a change to the week's notes. When I'm ready to publish the notes, I would create a pull request using the GitHub API which I could then merge from my phone. While I could just use the browser's local storage to keep what I've written, I've found that I add to my notes on different devices so I would need a way to sync the notes. For now I can continue using Google Keep to sync my drafts between devices, but I'd like to be able to publish any content to my website from the content management website.

I managed a few more hours playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider on the PS5. I didn't advance the story at all and instead completed a few side missions and completed a couple of challenge tombs. I'm still yet to decide if I want to try and complete the game or just complete the story.

On Thursday, I was at the American Express Stadium to watch Brighton's debut in the Europa League, losing 3-2 against AEK Athens. It was an exciting occasion. Even though Brighton lost, I thought it was a very interesting game of football to watch. Athens pressed all game and every Brighton player was being marked by an Athens player which made it difficult for Brighton to advance up the pitch. The weather was very bad leaving the game and I got completely soaked while waiting for the train.

I had a nice meal out at Crabshack with Becka on Saturday. We were able to sit outside and eat while the weather was still quite warm. The food was very good.

I was back at the American Express Stadium on Sunday to watch Brighton win 3-1 against Bournemouth. The first half was very flat and Brighton were almost pressing the self-destruct button at times. The second half was much improved and that showed in the score. It was also nicer to return home dry this time.

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