2023 Week Notes - Week 47

I was back to working a normal five day week this week.

I had two basketball sessions this week. I was shooting the ball well in both sessions, making multiple three pointers. It was much harder to keep running in the second session and my knees were feeling sore the following morning.

My free evenings this week spent playing career mode in EA SPORTS FC 24 on the PlayStation. On reflection I could have used that time to start a new game from the ones that are currently in my backlog, or even finishing the main storyline for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I definitely struggle to estimate how much gaming I can achieve in one evening.

I've been thinking about how the journal section of my site has been overwhelmed by week notes. I guess its easier to write week notes because I immediately see the value in them, but the value of other posts are not as obvious.

On Saturday, I travelled to Nottingham to watch Brighton win 3-2 against Nottingham Forest. A great performance from Brighton to hang on for the three points despite losing two more players to injury and then self-inflicting further damage by having a player sent off.

Beyond the goal which is situated in front of the away fans, the players of Brighton and Nottingham Forest prepare to kick-off. The home fans in the three other stands that are visible, are holding red and white scarves above their heads.
Ready for kick-off.

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