2023 Week Notes - Week 50

This week was my last working week of the year. I'm looking forward to having a break until January.

On Thursday, I was at the American Express stadium to watch Brighton win 1-0 against Marseille. Not the best game from a footballing perspective, but the scenes when Brighton scored were something else. There was a great sense of relief at full-time. It was amazing to say I was there to see Brighton top their group in their debut season in European football.

On Friday, Becka and I went to see Fatboy Slim at The Old Market. Our tickets were an early Christmas present from my auntie and uncle. It was a much smaller gig than the previous ones I had attended, with roughly 300 people in attendance. I can now cross off being in the front row of a concert from my bucket list. This was the best gig I've been to.

Fatboy Slim on stage. A solar system is being projected onto the walls behind.
Fatboy Slim at The Old Market.

Prior to the gig, Becka and I went for dinner at Soju Korean kitchen & bar in Brighton. I tried Tteokbokki for the first time, as well as eating Korean fried chicken and a bibimbap. Definitely planning to go back in the future.

Becka and I have been playing It Takes Two on the PlayStation this week. We've not yet finished the first level, but enjoying the game so far. We stopped playing after a couple of attempts at the first boss level against a giant vacuum cleaner. I wasn't aware it was not a single player game until I reached the start screen, though it does have the option for the second player to join online instead of playing locally.

What has changed on this site:

  • No visual changes this week - just some dependency updates.

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