Room for improvement

What is this?

Every time I try to write a post I find something on this site that distracts me and I start thinking about how I would change it. I also never document what it is that I got distracted by. I could have created a GitHub issue, or created a row in a spreadsheet, or build my own to-do list tracker if I really wanted to overthink it all. Instead I'm writing it all in a markdown file on my website.

What happens when something is completed?

Checkboxes don't have any context. Was it implemented? Why was it done a particular way?

Instead, each item will be a post in the journal which I will link to from this page. That post will document what I did, why I did it, and give me a point of reference if a particular item requires multiple iterations.

The list

Last updated 23 February 2024.

  • Site navigation.
    • Currently the navigation links are split between the header and footer.
    • Can I consolidate all of the navigation links into a single location?
  • An RSS feed with everything in it.
    • Currently the "main" RSS feed for only contains posts in the journal.
    • Investigate how the photos RSS feed can be integrated into the "main" RSS feed.
    • Create an RSS feed for the books that I've read and integrate it into the "main" RSS feed.
  • Make this list easier to update.
    • To add or edit any item in this list I need to update the markdown file containing the whole list.
    • Can each item be stored in such a way that takes advantage of 11tys directory level data files and templating?
  • Multiple themes.
    • I already have themes.json which contains the colour themes for
    • The current theme switcher only toggles between light and dark.
    • If there are more than two themes, how can the theme be changed?
    • Can fonts be applied per theme while only requesting the font for the applied theme?
  • A more human homepage.
    • I never introduce myself anywhere on this site.
    • The homepage only shows the latest updates from collections that I update.
    • Create an introduction section on the homepage that makes my personal website a bit more personal.
    • Post added: 23rd February 2024.
  • Source code restructure.
    • All my journal posts that aren't week notes are located in the same folder.
    • Posts should be in folders that are labelled by the year that the post was published in.
    • No additional work is required to change the URLs. These are already in the format /journal/{year}/{post title}.