2024 Week Notes - Week 1

To celebrate my birthday, I went out for brunch to Oeuf café in Hove with my family. I had the cheesy onion frumpets (French toast battered crumpets) and a side of pigs in blankets. Very good food.

I had one basketball session this week. I'm normally very rusty when I haven't played in a while, but I played much better than I thought I would. I had been excited to try out a new pair of basketball shoes that I had been gifted for my birthday and was pleased that there were no signs of rubbing by the end of the session. I had planed on attending a second session later in the week, though that session was cancelled due to some leaks in the sports hall roof and heavy rain.

I've made little progress with my 2023 review post. I created the markdown file at the start of December in anticipation that I would struggle to find the time to write the post in one sitting. I've only managed to write three paragraphs since then, and all of those were in the past seven days. I find the review posts useful to look back on, so I'm hoping the 2023 edition will get published eventually.

I started to make a list of things about this site that I'd like to improve. I'm trying to avoid the mentality of "to write a blog post, I must first completely redesign and implement the new design for my website from scratch". Maybe I'll publish the list once I've caught up with the other posts that I want to write about first.

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