2024 Week Notes - Week 10

More Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation this week. I managed to progress the main story a bit and no longer have a level considerably higher than the suggested level for the story mission. My struggle now is that I don't know how much time a particular mission takes, so often avoid starting it until I know I have several hours free.

On Wednesday, Becka and I went to see Barry Can't Swim at the Concorde 2 in Brighton. I had never visited the Concorde 2 before so I wasn't sure what to expect, but its a nice little venue. It was a sell-out so finding somewhere with a bit of personal space was a challenge, but we eventually found a good spot at the back. The music was very good and I enjoyed the gig.

I've been working on a rather large site refactor this week. In my 2024 to-do list, I wanted to group the markdown files for journal posts by the year that I published them. There was a bit of scope creep and I ended up moving a lot more files around. I haven't pushed the changes yet as I'm still writing about the process.

On Saturday, I was at the American Express stadium to watch Brighton win 1-0 against Nottingham Forest. Not the most entertaining of games, but nice to see another win.

Barry Can't Swim on stage at the Concorde 2 in Brighton. To the left of the stage, a band member is wearing a jelly fish like hat that covers their face and is playing the drums. Barry is in the center of the stage behind a keyboard, and another band member is to the right of the stage.
Barry Can't Swim at the Concorde 2.

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