2024 Week Notes - Week 11

On Tuesday, I had a basketball game for Worthing D&D White against Horsham Hawks where we lost 72-86. We never really recovered from the first quarter where we allowed Horsham to score 33 points and open up a 16 point lead. Despite the loss, I thought I had a good game and made a timely three-pointer in the second quarter.

On Thursday, I was at the American Express stadium to watch Brighton win 1-0 against AS Roma in the Europa League. AS Roma had a four goal advantage from the first leg, which required Brighton to also score a minimum of four goals to progress into the next round. Despite winning 1-0, the atmosphere in the stadium was flat at full-time. What should have been a celebratory moment of winning another game in European football turned into a moment where all you could think about was what could have been. Prior to last year, I would never have thought Brighton would play in a European competition in my life-time, so to be able to witness it happening for the first time has been incredible.

I've been working on a Node.js script that will create a template for my week notes. In the past I've tried using VS code snippets, but these only created a heading structure and left most of the frontmatter incomplete. I realised that I already have pages on my website that show what I am currently reading, and what I watched over the last seven days. The script I'm currently testing is using the same data sources to populate some of the week note template.

Also booked a holiday this week which I'm very excited about.

What has changed on this site:

  • I changed the layout for any short notes and Mastodon posts. The date is now at the top of the card, and links to the page for the note/Mastodon post.
  • I had a restructure in the source code, and then wrote about it.

What I've been reading

What I've been watching: