2024 Week Notes - Week 13

A short work week this week, only working three days.

I cancelled my Amazon Prime subscription this week. I'd watched a combined 9 films or tv shows in the last twelve months on Prime video, and purchased three things, yet the renewal price is £95 for the year. Didn't feel value for money.

On Tuesday, I played a basketball game for Worthing D&D White against South Coast Outlaws in the Basketball Sussex/Surrey plate competition. This was the second leg of the tie, and we came away with another win to progress to the next round of the competition. I thought I played my best basketball game of the season, making two three-pointers and getting a crucial defensive stop inside the last two minutes of the game.

I managed to get a free pint of beer this week. One of the local pubs was giving away free pints to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Dark Star Brewery. The beer they gave away was a recreation of one that won the best beer in Britain award back in 1987. I wasn't born then, let alone of legal drinking age so I can't make any comparisons to the award winning beer. I can only confirm that the free beer was nice.

I played a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation this week. I've now cleared all the bandit camps, overridden all the Tallnecks, and managed to pass level 40 in the process. I think I managed to complete two of the main story missions during that time, and the recommended level for the current story mission is now at 25.

What has changed on this site:

  • There's now a theme switcher in the footer.
  • Note posts which contain a code block no longer overflow outside of the card.
  • My social media avatar no longer appears next to note posts.
  • There's an RSS icon in the footer which links to the feed for all items in the Journal.

What I've been reading

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