2024 Week Notes - Week 15

On Tuesday, I had a basketball game for Worthing D&D White against Eastbourne Neptunes. We had not won a league game all season prior to this game, yet we managed to win comfortably 109-48. Our defence really clicked in this game, and we limited Eastbourne to just 13 points in the second half. I hadn't had much of an opportunity to shoot the ball until the last minute of the game, when I made a shot from way behind the three point line.

I had a basketball session on Thursday. I would normally find these sessions tough going after playing a game earlier in the week but I felt quite good by the end of it. We were low on numbers, so most of the other players were under 18s that had stayed after their session had finished. I shot the ball really well in this session and must have made at least 7 three-point shots by the end of the session.

There were indications that the weather was getting warmer this week as wall lizards started to appear in the garden. They are particularly fond of the south-facing garden furniture where they can sunbathe all day. We've found at least three so far, but we are convinced there are more. I started wondering if there were

Becka and I went bowling on Saturday. Becka won - twice. Only one of us had the bumpers up but I'm not allowed to confirm which one of us it was. Instead I can confirm that I threw a total of 6 gutter-balls to Becka's 0. We then had a go on the basketball arcade machine, and played a game of air hockey.

What has changed on this site:

  • Removed some duplicate rules from my stylesheets.
  • The alt text for the RSS feed icon is now correct.
  • I resized all images so that their max width no longer exceeds the maximum page width.
  • Headings that include a time (like pages that contain a note) use a <time> element and have a correct datetime attribute.
  • Headings on photo pages no longer consist of two different font sizes.

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