2024 Week Notes - Week 17

I was in Tallinn (Estonia) this week to visit my work colleagues. The team has grown since the last time we all met, so it was good to meet some of the newer members of the team in-person.

I woke up on Tuesday to thick snow outside the hotel I was staying in. I managed to shuffle my way to the office through the snow, taking a bit of time to adjust to the lack of grip that my trainers had on the snow. I only had one moment where I lost my balance and nearly fell over. According to my smartwatch, this moment gained me 30 heart points.

A cross-roads in Tallinn where the roads are clear of snow but the pavements are covered in a thick layer of snow.
A snow covered cross-roads that I passed on my walk to the office.

My social battery drained very quickly this week and I struggled through the team social activities after work.

Unlike my previous trips to Tallinn, I managed to book a return flight that didn't require a connecting flight. It was much nicer not having to run through any airports and being able to have a long nap on the plane.

I travelled straight from the airport to the American Express stadium in time to watch Brighton lose 4-0 to Manchester City. A frustrating game to watch.

Exhausted by the end of the week. I would have gone to sleep earlier at the weekend, but I stayed up to watch some of the NBA play-off games.

Sun setting above the clouds as seen from an aeroplane window.
This was taken on my flight into Tallinn, but I wasn't able to add it to last week's notes..

What has changed on this site:

  • Using my paper bullet journals as a reference, I've added all the books that I finished in 2020 and 2021 to the reading page.

What I've been reading

What I've been watching: