2024 Week Notes - Week 7

I had an email from IFTT this week that warned me that the webhook service that my Mastodon bot is using will be shut down by the 22nd February unless I switched to a paid plan. I switched, but not to the IFTT paid plan. My bot now uses mastofeed.org to send the latest item in an RSS feed to Mastodon. The setup took minutes and there was no need to interface directly with the Mastodon API. Would recommend if you need an RSS feed to be posted to Mastodon.

I had a basketball session on Thursday. I was playing on a team where I didn't see much of the ball and found myself only really making an impact defensively. I came away from the session frustrated.

On Friday, Becka and I spent the day in Brighton. We had a very nice lunch at Goemon Ramen bar in Gardner street. We then played the ocean course and gamers paradise course at One Under mini-golf. The amount of sunshine throughout the day was also welcomed.

Sunday was Bruno's birthday. He got a new beanbag for the lounge so he now has somewhere to rest his chin while everyone else is watching the telly. He liked it so much that he spent most of the day on the new beanbag regardless of where everyone else was in the house.

Bruno the Sussex Spaniel sat on a wooden seat in front of some wooden garden fencing.
Birthday boy.

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