Marvel Select Legion of Monsters

by Dennis Hopeless, Chris Yost, Marv Wolfman

144 pages

Finished on 8 February 2023

The hunt for a supernatural serial killer has brought famed monster-hunter Elsa Bloodstone to the doors of Monster City. But rather than finding the culprit, she discovers that it's the city's gruesome inhabitants who are most in danger from this unearthly executioner! With the survival of both humankind and monsterkind at stake, Elsa teams up with Morbius, Werewolf by Night, N'Kantu and Manphibian to form an all-new Legion of Monsters and they're ready to blast this unknown undead assailant back to hell! Reprinting Legion of Monsters #1-4, Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular #2, Tomb of Dracula #18 and Werewolf by Night #15