Week 11

For the week starting 14th March, I:

  • Made a trip into the office to help with some interviews for an intern position.
  • Participated in the first "development day" through work. The idea is to use the day for personal development so all meetings were rescheduled or cancelled. Having struggled a bit assessing the interviews earlier in the week, I started Jem Young's Frontend Masters course on interviewing for front-end engineers. The course goes into detail on how to give better interviews as the interviewer, which I found really insightful.
  • Watched Brighton lose 2-0 at home against Spurs. The international break couldn't come any sooner, and hopefully a chance for the squad to reset the bad run of form.
  • Shipped version 2.0 of this site.
    • There's a new colour scheme and a new font.
    • The week notes have been moved out of the journal and into their own section of the website. As the links to the existing week notes have changed, I set up a redirect in Netlify to point to the new locations. This breaking change meant a bump to the version number.