Week 12

For the week starting 21st March, I:

  • Played (and scored 3 three pointers) in Worthing D&D's 115-52 win against Angmering GSD in the quarter-finals of the Basketball Sussex Men's Cup. A semi-final fixture against Brighton Cougars is scheduled for next month.

  • Have been (re)playing Assasin's Creed: The Ezio Collection on the Nintendo Switch. I played the original games on an old laptop and the remaster definitely brings new life to the games. The controls have been taking some getting used to though because I've only just got used to the layout for the newer Assasin's Creed games that I've been playing on Google Stadia.

  • Saw Royal Blood at the Bournemouth International Centre. With one guitar, a set of drums and a loop pedal it was amazing the sound they were able to generate.

Singer for Royal Blood on stage with the drummer on a stand behind them. A big screen is behind Royal Blood showing a live video of the singer. The crowd in front have their hands in the air with some holding their phones up to record.
Royal Blood at the Bournemouth International Centre.