Week 13

For the week starting 28th March:

  • I tested positive for Covid. Thankfully, being triple-jabbed this could have been much worse and no one else in my household has tested positive. What started out feeling like tonsillitis eventually moved on to a fever, sinus pain and fatigue. Not like having a "normal" cold.

  • I have been reading about the indieweb and how some of the principles can be applied to this site. I've had a look at webmentions in the past as a way to show interactions to the content that I share but adding this data would either require scheduled builds or client-side JavaScript. I also didn't want the content I created to be defined by their interactions

    I did like the idea of "use what you make". The most common use-case I have seen for this is to create a starter-project for others to use that includes the key features from your own site. This is something that I could develop in the future.

  • I started documenting positive feedback in Obsidian. Earlier in the week I'd received some feedback during a demo and wasn't convinced I'd be able to remember it later, so created a new markdown file in Obsidian and used a tag of #feedback. Using this system I can associate the feedback to products, technologies and periods of time.

  • I finished the story in Assassin's Creed Syndicate on Google Stadia. The use of two protagonists with different upgradable skills, felt like an improvement on previous games where there is one omnipotent character. I also liked the associate activities within the game that made side quests feel more rewarding.