Week 16

For the week starting 18th April:

  • I played in Worthing D&D's 63-89 away win against Angmering GSD. With only 1 league game left to play and yet to lose a game this season we claimed the league title.
  • I attended the End Sewage Pollution Protest in Worthing. Unfortunately, the chant of "What do we want: Southern water to take some responsibility for dumping untreated sewage into rivers and the sea, when do want it: now" was a bit to long and didn't really catch on so instead it was replaced with "what do we want: no more poo". If you shut your eyes at any point you would have thought you were in a future where people were trying to ban their own digestive systems.
  • The third Thursday of the month meant I had a personal development day at work. I spent most of the day trying to understand how ActivityPub (a decentralized social media protocol) worked and how it could be used to make a personal site act as a social media feed. I also built some templates in Obsidian so that I could document what I was working on, any blockers and any tasks that I needed to complete that weren't associated to a JIRA item. When it comes to my team's daily stand-up I then have a note for each day with what I need to update the team with and if there any items I need help with.
  • I watched Brighton draw 2-2 against Southampton at The AMEX. Two points dropped in the end after a very fast start. Was also nice to be able to celebrate goals at the Amex, something which has felt very rare this season.