Week 17

For the week starting 25th April:

  • I set up my own Mastodon instance. Hosted on https://toots.declanbyrd.co.uk and not owned by Elon Musk, everything I share is stored on my own server.
  • I played in Worthing D&D's final league game of the season, a 95-68 win against Horsham Hawks. We finished the season having won all 11 of our games and were the only team to score more than 1000 points over the course of the season.
  • I realised that I had a very large disk attached to my Mastodon instance which was burning money so I had to move my mastodon instance to a smaller and cheaper virtual machine. This resulted in my server being down for a few days and took most of the week trying to restore but I'm now well rehearsed if I needed to move my mastodon to a different machine.
  • I've added webmention support to this site. At the moment, this will only show webmentions that were sent before the site was last built but I'm planning on adding support to include webmentions that were sent since the site was last built too.