Week Notes - Week 30

My basketball session this week got off to a fast start with my team winning 6 games in a row and therefore occupying the court for half an hour of the 90 minute session. This was a much better test of my fitness levels than in previous weeks where it was much harder to get that amount of court time. By the last half an hour most of my team tired and we didn't win any more games.

I returned to The Amex stadium to watch Brighton play Espanyol in a pre-season friendly. A 5-1 win is not a bad way to prepare for the new season which starts next week. Despite the initial photographs showing Brighton's new home shirt having a big letter H on the front, I ran into the club shop before the match to see if it looked any better in person. I queued up for half an hour to have a name and number printed on the back of a newly purchased shirt and then ran to my seat just in time for kick-off.

I also made a rare appearance in the office this week so I could collect some new equipment. I'd been assigned a new desk since I was last in, so I spent most of my time moving things and organising cables.

What has changed on this site:

  • Netlify released a new update for their graph functionality this week, so I reauthenticated in the web UI which has fixed issues with displaying my last played song on Spotify.
  • I converted and resized the image that I use to represent social media posts. The result of this process is that the image size has decreased from 76kb to 1.09kb.

What I've been reading:

  • No reading this week.

What I've been watching: