Week Notes - Week 35

A frustrating basketball session this week. Occasionally, one player will try to do everything themselves and score all the team's baskets without the input of the remaining four players on their team. I was on a team like that this week and I wasn't the one player trying to break the record for the most consecutive missed shots without passing the ball to another player on their team. Still, I ran around a bit which is better than spending more time sat down.

I've now logged over 85 hours in my attempt to 100% complete Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on the Nintendo Switch. I've completed just under 80% of the galaxy which mostly consists of side missions and still have to 100% complete some of the levels too. I managed to play some Rise of the Tomb Raider this week too, though it isn't as easy to play for short periods of time.

On Sunday, I was at The Amex to watch Brighton win 5-2 against Leicester. Alexis Mac Allister scored the best non-goal I've ever seen, followed by one of the best free kicks I've seen at The Amex. VAR contributing 4 minutes to the total of 7 minutes of added time at the end of the second half seemed far too long for something that was supposed to be correcting 'clear and obvious' errors.

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