Week Notes - Week 36

A much improved basketball session this week. I made a couple of three-point shots, got some exercise and most importantly had fun playing basketball.

From the highs of celebrating Brighton's 5-2 win against Leicester last week, came the crashing low of Graham Potter leaving the club to join Chelsea. Then it was announced that Bruno Saltor, the former Brighton player and member of the coaching staff that our family dog was named after, was also leaving the club to be part of Potter's staff at Chelsea. Disappointment quickly turned to grief. Graham Potter is a top manager and deserves the chance to manage a team with greater resources than Brighton, but the timing of his departure from the club has certainly left a bitter after-taste. Had this happened before the season had started, there would be a much greater acceptance that this was a progressive move and not money talking. I am now excited to see how well the club has planned for Potter's departure and what the team can achieve over the rest of the season. Apologies in advance to whichever club's fans are about to go through the same rollercoaster of emotions when Brighton appoint their club's manager.

I've been experimenting with Pipedream to automate the syndication of my weekly notes to Twitter. I've connected the New Item in Feed from RSS API trigger to some custom Node.js code that will tweet when a new week note is added to the journal summaries RSS feed. This workflow runs at 9am every Monday morning so if I've configured it correctly I won't have to manually write a tweet with a link to this week's notes. If it's successful then I'll be exploring the Mastodon API to automate syndication there too.

I moved my Mastodon account to a new instance. I was self-hosting my Mastodon account on Azure and was funded through a Microsoft developer account (assigned to me via my work) which gave me $115 a month in Azure credits. It was a fun way to learn not only how to set something up in Azure but to also see how Mastodon worked from an admin's perspective.

What has changed on this site:

  • I updated the link to my mastodon profile in the site footer so that it now points to the new server.
  • I've added permalinks to all notes in the journal. This means that I now have an archive of all my Mastodon and Twitter posts on my own site.

What I've been reading:

What I've been watching: