Week Notes - Week 37

I had to manually delete 36 tweets to start this week. The pipedream workflow that I configured last week, to tweet a link for new week note posts by reading the RSS feed, needed to know which posts were new. I might have forgotten to set this to be anything newer than the previous week's post. This meant that at 9am on Monday, 36 tweets were published which each contained a link to one of the 36 previous week note posts. I'm pretty sure I've corrected now.

Monday was also my last day at Honeywell. I enjoyed my time working there and got to work with great colleagues. I've now got a little break before I start my next job.

My basketball session this week was good. I made a couple of shots but I'm still struggling to shoot the ball consistency particularly towards the end of the session when I am noticeably more tired. It was a good workout though.

I got a new library card. I wanted to register so I could access the e-books and audiobooks that are available through Libby, now that I have a touch screen tablet that is comparable in size to a hardback book. The process of getting a new card took about 15 minutes and the librarians were very enthusiastic about me joining.

I finished the story in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It was fun but I won't be trying to 100% complete it. While I'm not overly keen on games where you are being shot at, I liked that this game focused more on the puzzles and that it included the option to use stealth which could be used to avoid combat altogether.

I started playing Read Dead Redemption 2 and completed the first couple of missions. I'm a little confused by this game, as I haven't played the first one and it feels more focused on being a film than a game. The game is highly rated so I'm willing to stick with it, but the pace feels a little too slow for me.

What has changed on this site:

  • I've updated my introduction on the home page.
  • I fixed the timestamps for social media posts so that they are all shown in UK time.

What I've been reading:

What I've been watching: