Week Notes - Week 42

Aside from work, most of my time this week has been spent playing Spider-man on the PlayStation. I'd been really excited to play this, and it's definitely my kind of game. I chose to complete as many of the side quests as possible before progressing the story (something I have picked up from playing the Assassin's' Creed series) which has resulted in my character levelling up quite quickly and therefore unlocking more skills.

On Tuesday, I watched Brighton draw 0-0 with Nottingham Forest at The Amex. This felt familiar to many a Brighton home game from the past couple of years. Brighton created lots and couldn't score, while the opposition struggled to get a shot on target. A frustrating evening in the end.

The NBA season started this week and I've decided to pay for a league pass subscription as the UK price has been lowered for this season. While I won't be watching many live games, I'll be able to watch Sunday games that tip-off in the evening in the UK and watch other games the following day.

What has changed on this site:

  • No changes to the site this week.

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