Week Notes - Week 43

I've been catching up on the NBA this week by watching the full game replays on NBA League Pass. I wish they had an option to watch the full game without the breaks between quarters and the half-time entertainment. There is an all possessions option but that doesn't preserve the flow of the game and will skip the players bringing the ball over half court.

I've been playing lots of Spider-man on the PlayStation again this week. I'm still spending more time completing the side-missions than progressing the story but its still very enjoyable. I bought some more games this week which I'm looking forward to playing soon.

I watched Brighton win 4-1 against Chelsea at the Amex. It was a deserved win and one of the best atmospheres I've experienced inside a football stadium. Everyone was getting behind the team and the noise for the first and fourth goals was quite something. a "conversation" I had with a Chelsea fan after the game who claimed that Brighton were below average and that there was no way Cucurella was worth £62 million. The thing is, Chelsea's owners had bought our player of the season, sacked Thomas Tuchel and then decided that they needed our coaching staff (paying £20 million to do so). It sounds a bit like they wanted to be a below average team. Brighton certainly weren't below average.

While I still have a Twitter account, this week I've effectively put it in read-only mode. My profile now makes it clear that my account is only to syndicate content from this site and includes a link to my Mastodon profile. In the short term, I need to explore options for automating syndication to Twitter. I have already configured Pipedream to automate the process of sharing my weekly note.

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