Week Notes - Week 44

After deciding to make my Twitter read-only last week, this week I worked on making Mastodon the social media that I actually want to read. I feel that it's going well so far and I'm spending less time on Twitter as a result. I also set up a monthly contribution via Patreon to help with the costs associated with running indieweb.social that was cheaper and better value than a blue checkmark next to my name.

One of the improvements that I wanted to make to my notes page was to re-build my site when I make a new post on Mastodon so that my notes page could stay up-to-date. This week I learnt that each Mastodon profile has an RSS feed and I spent some time exploring ways to use this as a trigger to re-build my site. I managed to get something working, so next week I will try to write up how I've achieved it.

I've spent a bit of time gaming this week. I used to really enjoy the original Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the PS2 and this week I've been playing the more recent version of the game on the PS5, also called Star Wars Battlefront 2. I'm not very good at it. I played a bit of Spider-man too, but I'm now at the point in the game where the side missions are becoming a bit tedious and the story has increased in pace which makes me feel like I need to play it in a longer session than I currently am.

On Saturday, I went to Wolverhampton to watch Brighton win 3-2 against Wolves and move into the top 6 in the Premier League table. It was a tense game and it was great to get the win. There's a real buzz amongst fans at the moment and the team is playing some fantastic stuff.

What has changed on this site:

  • I made a change to the data file that fetches my Mastodon posts. Re-blogs are included in the API results but are shown as activities rather than posts. I didn't want to display these anyway as they are not my posts to archive, so I have made sure that only my own posts can be included in my notes page.

What I've been reading:

  • I read four chapters of The Apollo Murders by Chris Hadfield this week. I may have to find a time to just finish this book soon. I'm less than half way through and while I enjoy it, it also feels like I'm not making progress reading it.

What I've been watching: