Week Notes - Week 47

I had another basketball game this week, but didn't win this time. I made a short appearance on the court as Worthing D&D White lost 88-82 against Worthing D&D Black in a very close game.

I subscribed to PlayStation Plus Extra for a year. Given that I don't really play online multiplayer games, the deciding factor for me was that the subscription gave me access to a catalogue of games that I could play for no additional cost. There were quite a few games in the catalogue that I had bought on Google Stadia but never got around to playing so I'm looking forward to playing those when I get a chance. I got some use out of online multiplayer too, spending most of my weekend playing seasons mode in FIFA 23.

I started to think about visual changes that I want to make to my site before 2023. There are some new pages that I would like to include and doing so would require the navigation to be re-worked which I've wanted to do for a while now. The colophon link for example shouldn't be at the top of each page, it's not that exciting. I've been looking at Penpot as an alternative to Figma to help me visualise the changes I want to make. I'm also thinking about creating a snapshot of my website at the end of the year and making this available on a sub-domain so that I retain a visual history of my site.

Not a lot else has happened this week. I've had the football on in the background most days but I'm rapidly losing any remaining interest I had in watching the world cup.

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