Week Notes - Week 48

No basketball for me this week as the session was cancelled. Instead I used that evening looking at feed readers, eventually settling on the 14 day free trial of Feedbin. I've got a couple of feeds in there already and will look to add some more before I decide if I want to commit to paying for a subscription.

This week I set up a GitHub project to track all the things that I wanted to change about this site before the year ends. I made a good start and some of those changes went live this week. I decided not to redesign the whole site and instead chose to build on top of what I already have so that I don't spend the whole time procrastinating. I've been working on adding some more pages which are still in draft at the moment.

I spent some time playing Spider-man on the PS5 this week. I managed to finish the second act, completed all the side missions and most importantly I'm still enjoying the story.

I was getting an error with an obscure error message when I was trying to watch game replays on NBA League Pass this week. This error message wasn't documented in the FAQs or appearing in any search engine results. Eventually I tried logging out and logging back in again, which worked. I managed to watch a couple of quarters from some of Sunday's games.

The Christmas tree and decorations are now up. 🎄

What has changed on this site:

  • There's now navigation in the footer. At the bottom of each page is a set of links for all the pages on this site.
  • I removed the links to the colophon and the reading page from the header. These are now found in the footer of every page .
  • I removed the about section from the home page. I'm in the process of moving this to a new page.
  • I wrote some bad HTML before. The <h1> on each page is now the title of the page, and not my name.
  • I'm now highlighting the book I'm currently reading on the reading page.

What I've been reading:

What I've been watching: