Week 8

For the week starting 21st February, I:

  • Played in Worthing D&D's 96-46 win over Shoreham Spartans. Still top of the league having won 6/6.

  • Added the reading page to this site. I'll be using it to track the books that I've been reading and what I thought about them as I read them. I haven't added the notes for the books that I've read so far or published the journal entry about how I built it but sometimes its better to release something and update than not release at all.

  • Took my camera out on Friday while walking Bruno and got a few photos of the sunset from Shoreham beach.

    Sun setting behind waves with an orange sky.
    Sun sets behind Worthing pier.
  • Watched Brighton lose 2-0 at home to Aston Villa.

  • Took my camera out again on Sunday to capture another sunset.

    In the foreground are waves breaking onto the rocks that line Shoreham Beach. People are walking between gaps in the rocks on the beach with sea spray creating a mist so the people look like silhouettes. A wind surfer is packing away their equipment in the distance to the right of the photo and their colorful kite can be seen next to the setting sun. The town of Worthing and Worthing pier are in the background.
    Sunday sunset.
  • Finished reading Ender's Game.