Week 9

For the week starting 28th February, I:

  • Played for Worthing D&D's away win against Eastbourne Lions with a final score of 61-98.
  • Started reading The Silmarillion by J.R.R Tolkien. I can see why this book is often described as a challenge. I've only read the AinulindalĂ« (the creation story) and the Valaquenta (descriptions of the spirits) so far and had to re-read multiple pages.
  • Watched The Grand Budapest Hotel on Disney+.
  • Added a now playing section to the home page which shows my last played track from Spotify. I used the new Netlify Graph feature to achieve this and definitely want to use it again for more projects.
  • Reduced the duration of my builds on Netlify from 9 minutes to 2 and a half minutes by using netlify-plugin-cache.
  • Watched The Batman at the Dome Cinema in Worthing. Though nearly 3 hours long and the ending somewhat drawn out, the remainder of the film was an enjoyable watch.