2023 Week Notes - Week 2

I had my first basketball session of the new year this week. I felt like I had a good session, shooting the ball well and I still being able to run by the end. I hadn't done any exercise over the Christmas period so I was somewhat pleased that I didn't need to take a breaks and could continue playing. I felt the consequences a couple of days later though, feeling very achy.

Something I struggled with last year was choosing to read when I had spare time instead of reaching for my phone. Part of the reason for that was my choice of reading material and the pressure I placed on myself to finish a book if I had started reading it. This week I managed to read most days, finishing two books and I started a third.

I spent a couple of evenings on the PlayStation this week, engrossed in the Guardians of the Galaxy game. I discovered that the non-playable characters (NPCs) react when I don't follow them to the next objective, making sarcastic comments when I choose to look for collectibles instead.

I was at the Amex on Saturday to watch Brighton win 3-0 against Liverpool. There have been times this season where I wondered if that was as good as it would ever get, and then things just keep getting better. The only disappointment was that the match highlights portrayed the game as even, highlighting Liverpool attacking the same number of times as Brighton. The game was one-sided, Brighton dominated possession of the ball, created more chances and genuinely looked a significantly better team.

What has changed on this site:

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  • Visited links now have a different text colour. This should help make it easier to see if you've clicked on a link before.

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