2023 Week Notes - Week 3

I had a basketball game for Worthing D&D White this week. We played away at Bognor GSD and won 66-75. I finished with 6 points, scoring twice from behind the three-point line.

Google Stadia finally went offline. I spent over 463 hours playing on Stadia so I was grateful that it gave me the opportunity to play games that I might not have otherwise played. Being able to play without needing a subscription, on a device that I already had, wherever I felt like playing (internet connection permitting) was great. While I could have spent Stadia's final week playing games there, I chose to spend the time on the PlayStation instead. Aside from the longer sessions spent playing the Guardians of the Galaxy, I played a couple of games in seasons mode on FIFA 23.

On Saturday, I watched Brighton draw 2-2 away at Leicester. The positivity in the away end was infectious and really contributed to the atmosphere. Roberto De Zerbi thinks the team is currently playing at 60% of its potential and we're playing great football, it's going to be great fun as the team gets closer to fulfilling that potential.

View from the away end inside the King Power Stadium (Leicester). The away end is located in one of the corners of the ground. Above the goalposts at the other end of the ground, the big screen shows the final score: Leicester 2-2 Brighton. The sky that is visible in the photo has started to fade from blue to orange.
A draw felt like a fair result.

What has changed on this site:

  • Some of the books I read would have 0 pages. This seems to be an issue with the API that I get the book data from. I've added the correct page numbers for any of the books that were previously showing 0 pages. I've been trying to add more to the reading page, but I definitely read books with more pages than that.

What I've been reading:

What I've been watching: