2023 Week Notes - Week 25

I had a day off work on Monday this week as Juneteenth is a company holiday.

I spent lots of time this week playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on the PS5. After playing for most of the afternoon on Monday, I then wanted to continue playing most evenings this week after work. I made a lot of progress in the story.

I also decided to apply a new font to this site. Bungee which I used for headings was extra bold and trying to find a fallback font which reduced layout shift on page load had proved difficult. I was starting to look at re-designing the site to remove Bungee since I felt it made it look like I was shouting every heading. I decided the easiest thing to do was to replace Bungee with a new font, Quattrocento rather than waiting for a complete re-design.

A while ago I read Derek Kay's article about styling RSS feeds and I had bookmarked it as something I wanted to do on this site. That same article appeared in my Mastodon feed this week and gave me a nudge to finally implement it. Thankfully because most of my CSS is element selectors, styling the RSS feed was relatively straightforward and did not take long to finish.

Last week I tried to write all my notes on Sunday and found it difficult to remember what I wanted to include. This week I added bullet points to a Google Keep file on my phone that has helped me keep track of what I wanted to write.

What has changed on this site:

  • Quattrocento is now used as the font for all headings.
  • The RSS feeds are all styled to match the rest of the pages on this site.
  • Shortcodes that weren't being used were removed.
  • There were some visually hidden link descriptions that were not descriptive of where the link would go. Those visually hidden link descriptions now describe which page the link goes to.
  • I'm now using a container query on the home page to set the flex-direction of the heading and icon.

What I've been reading:

  • No reading this week.

What I've been watching: