2023 Week Notes - Week 30

Another two basketball sessions this week. I felt that I played much better compared to last week and didn't feel that I tired as quickly either. I'm still not shooting the ball as well as I did towards the end of last season so I'm coming away from each session knowing I can play better than I have been.

I was in charge of walking Bruno this week. It meant getting up earlier in the morning to walk him before starting work, much to the disgust of my internal body clock. I definitely felt more awake when I started work, though I think some of the bad weather we encountered while walking may have contributed to that.

On Saturday, Becka and I went to Brighton beach to see Royal Blood headline On The Beach 2023 - Day Five. I had no idea who any of the support acts were and they weren't really the kind of music that I like. Fortunately, I did enjoy Royal Blood's set. It was very windy on the beach but I had a good time.

My view of Royal Blood at On The Beach in Brighton. There is a large stage with a yellow banner across the top of the stage that reads: 'ON THE BEACH'. Either side of the stage are vertically mounted big-screens and there is an additional big screen in the center of the stage. All big screens are showing a close up view of the lead singer and have a blue filter applied to the vide feed. On the stage are a keyboard player, the lead singer and guitarist, and the drummer.
Royal Blood performing on Brighton beach.

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