2023 Week Notes - Week 31

Content warning: Covid

I managed to complete one basketball session this week. Despite last week's improvements, I was still struggling to score from chances that I had been consistently scoring from last season. I promise I'll stop moaning about this, eventually.

I wasn't feeling too great later in the week so took a Covid test. It was indeed Covid.

Initially, I decided to carry on working. My PlayStation is on the same desk as my work laptop, so I felt that if I could play on the PlayStation, I could work. This was not a good rationale. I know now that the two activities should not be compared.

I did eventually take a sick day and spent nearly the entire day in bed.

When I was feeling a little better over the weekend, I was playing on the PlayStation in short sessions with lots of breaks. Most of this was spent playing co-op missions in Star Wars Battlefront 2. I managed to level up the heavy trooper class by 80 levels.

What has changed on this site:

  • The link to the site formerly known as Twitter has been removed from the page footer.

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