2023 Week Notes - Week 33

I was back playing basketball this week, participating in two sessions. I expected to struggle, particularly in the first session but I played better than I thought I would. By the second session I had a better idea of when I needed to sit out and managed to find a pace that was manageable.

On Saturday, I travelled to Molineux stadium to watch Brighton win 4-1 against Wolves. Very good performance from Brighton, some great goals, and the result meant that Brighton finished the weekend at the top of the Premier League table! I wasn't so appreciative of the flame throwers that were used pre-match and when the players walked out for the second half. It was already rather warm being stood in the sunshine and then it got uncomfortably warm every time the flame throwers were used.

My view of the Brighton vs Wolves Premier League football game at Molineux from the left hand side of the away end. The Brighton players wearing their home kit of blue and white striped shirts, blue shorts and blue socks, are getting ready to kick-off from right to left against Wolves in their home kit of gold shirts, black shorts and gold socks.
"We're Brighton and Hove Albion, we're top of the league!"

I've been exploring the idea of creating a Micropub server. I'd like to be able to share things to my website without having to use git on the device I'm authoring from. I managed to get a proof of concept working that would publish a note to my site when I submitted a HTML form. Eventually I'd like to be able to publish my week notes or other articles, small notes, photos, and finished books, all from a Micropub client.

I didn't really spend much time on the PlayStation this week. I think I managed maybe an hour of Star Wars Battlefront 2. The co-op missions I played in seemed to have started quite a bit before I joined the game so I got to play for around 5 minutes before the mission ended.

What has changed on this site:

  • I moved my week notes back into the journal.

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