2023 Week Notes - Week 34

I was in Tallinn for most of this week to work in-person with the rest of the team. I found it weird to be working in an office again. I forgot how many distractions there are and since I was only in the office for three days I didn't want to spend that time with my headphones on. My social battery is completely empty now and I feel pretty exhausted.

All three of the flights I was on this week were delayed. The delayed flight to Tallinn was not a problem since it just meant a later arrival at the hotel, but the journey home required getting a connecting flight in Frankfurt. So when I found out that my flight from Tallinn to Frankfurt was delayed, I started the mental gymnastics of working out the fastest route from one end of Frankfurt airport to the other while factoring in the time I would be waiting in passport control. Thankfully, on arrival in Frankfurt I found out that my connecting flight had also been delayed so instead of having 10 minutes to run to the gate, I had 25 minutes that meant I could make it to the gate without running. I probably could have planned the flights better so I either had no stops or gave myself enough time between connecting flights that delays would not be an issue.

I added a couple of endpoints to my micropub sever that I was working on last week. These new endpoints are to manage the books that I've either started to read or have finished reading. I'm still thinking about what I want the micropub client to look like and the environments that I expect to use it in. There's plenty of ways I could overcomplicate the implementation but I'm going to try and keep it as simple as possible.

On Saturday, I was at the American Express Stadium to watch Brighton lose 3-1 to West Ham. Brighton looked sluggish at times and West Ham deserved to win. It's easy to highlight the mistakes when your team loses and at the moment, it feels like Brighton haven't really got the whole squad up to the high levels that were set last season. Hopefully any new signings that are made before next Friday's deadline are able to gel quickly with the rest of the team.

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