2023 Week Notes - Week 42

On Monday, I had my first basketball game of the season. I played in Worthing D&D White's 92-77 loss against Bognor GSD. The Basketball Sussex website hasn't updated the page with the score yet, but I'll link to it anyway in the hope that it gets updated later. I thought I played quite well, and I was particularly pleased that I made the only three-point shot that I attempted. I had no practice sessions this week as the sports halls are being used for exams.

I didn't have a lot of motivation to do pretty much anything after work each day this week.

I played a couple of games in EA Sports FC 24 but started to get frustrated at the match-making for seasons games. Despite having settings that are supposed to limit the quality of the opposition teams to the same level as the team I play as, the match-making was pairing my team with teams that are significantly higher rated than my own.

I had a nice walk over to Shoreham on Sunday. Becka and I ate breakfast burritos from Drift, and Bruno got to have a vanilla flavoured dog ice cream from Cotts & Linz.

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