2023 Week Notes - Week 43

The NBA season started this week. My League Pass subscription renewed so I was able to watch some of the games during the day, rather than at 1 or 3 in the morning. The hard part has been avoiding the scores and headlines but then it has given a good indication of which games are worth watching and which games are better to just watch the highlights of.

No basketball again for me this week. The sports hall is still being used for exams so we didn't have practice, and there was an away game that I wasn't able to attend. I haven't been told the score, so I'm assuming it meant that Worthing D&D White lost and I won't be playing in any cup games this season.

On Thursday, I was at the American Express stadium to watch Brighton win 2-0 against Ajax in the Europa League. Fantastic to see Brighton's first win in a European competition and against (historically) one of the biggest teams in European football too. Ajax played very negative football though and it wasn't really a surprise given their current league form. With 65% possession over 90 minutes, Pascal Gross doing Cruyff turns, and two well taken goals, it was a comfortable win in the end.

I'm making a bad habit of leaving video games unfinished when I have less than an hours gameplay left in the story. This week I finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider on the PlayStation, which took me roughly 45 minutes. I'd been putting off playing more of the game because I thought there was a larger proportion of the story left but it was actually just one side quest and one main mission. I enjoyed the game though.

The rest of my gaming this week has been on Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. The game has a similar feel to the Star Wars Jedi series but with less lightsabres. I've been enjoying the game so far.

On Sunday, I was back at the American Express stadium to watch Brighton draw 1-1 against Fulham in the Premier League. A slightly more frustrating game this time.

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